How to create the perfect Gallery Grille in interior your home

By | June 16, 2019

We hope you like the products we recommend. Just so you know, Freshome can collect a share of sales of the links on this page. When an old interior design trend facelift, it’s like a breath of fresh air. The grid of the gallery, a new take on the gallery wall, is the last. Keep reading to learn all about this twist on a classic. Why it works so well and how to recreate the look on your own. Trust us when we say that you will not want to miss on this one.

How to create the perfect Gallery Grille in interior your home  - source

How to create the perfect Gallery Grille in interior your home – source

How to create the perfect Gallery Grille in interior your home

What is a gallery of network?

In interior design, all the trends are cyclical. The grid of the gallery is no different. With this return, we see a more refined version of the gallery wall. While the traditional gallery wall was all about eclectic and investment curation, the grid of the gallery offers more on action taken on the wall art display.

gallery grids are on the structure. While the display may involve any type of artwork, how you hang them is the key. gallery grids can be vertical or horizontal lines and involve two or ten. But they must have printed uniformly hung coming together to form either a square or rectangle.

Why does this look

walls of the standard gallery are great, especially if you like the eclectic look, but they can get a little unruly. Before you know it, an entire wall is covered with a hodgepodge of different works that have very little – if anything – tying them together. Believe it or not, have to take in all the stimuli is overwhelming reality for us, psychologically.

It has everything to do with how our brains process information. According to Gestalt psychology, although our eyes take in pieces of information, our brain boil it all into a single structure, simple and recognizable. With a wall of the traditional gallery, this may be impossible. However, gallery grid, it is easy.

In fact, galleries networks are based on repetitive patterns. First, no matter how many pieces of art are used, there is always an even number. There is also a coordinating color system or a subject that brings together individual pieces of artwork. Pattern recognition is very easy with these arrangements, which is why we tend to see them as more aesthetic.

How to remove your own gallery grid

Now that you know what the trend is and why it works, the next step is learning how to put together one of your own. Although this process is quite simple, we have some tips that you can keep in mind to ensure that your network is large gallery watching every time.

Find a topic

The first step in designing a gallery grid selects the different pieces of art that you intend to use. Rather than simply pick a room you like, you will want to build this arrangement around a theme. You can go with a topical theme or focus on color, but you must have some kind of thread to tie the look together.

Work even number

As we said above, your gallery wall can be as large or as small as your heart desires. It can have as many rows and columns you want. However, if there is a rule that you absolutely must follow, it is your grid must contain an even number of works of art. It will not work otherwise.

Measure, measure, measure

When setting up a grid of the gallery, the measure is the secret of success. Not only does he need to include an even number of parts, but each of these parts must be evenly spaced. Even spacing provide greater symmetry and keep the finished product to the polished search. In this case, not the eyeball, take your tape measure.

What do you think of the trend of the grid gallery? Let us know in the comments.

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