Simple ways to use wallpaper in a room to create a fresh look

By | June 19, 2019

Many people have tried to use wallpaper in a room, but only few know how to use this equipment to its full potential. Wallpaper can not be simply discarded as a way to remove the empty walls. Rather, it should be a major player in the design of the piece as a whole. To this end, we brought you four easy new ways and use the wallpaper in one room. Watch them on to see what suggestions work best in designing your bedroom. With any luck, the wallpaper may just become your favorite feature of the whole room.

Simple ways to use wallpaper in a room to create a fresh look - source

Simple ways to use wallpaper in a room to create a fresh look – source

Simple ways to use wallpaper in a room to create a fresh look

Set the color palette

One way to use wallpaper in your bedroom is for putting the color palette for the entire project. For example, you can see the image above has a chic monochrome palette. In it, all the wallpaper with blankets, bedding and pillows to throw together to form a cohesive look.

If you decide to go this route, the key is to choose a wallpaper you like first. Then build the rest of the room around it. While you can of course go with any aesthetic you want, remember that the pattern size is important. It should be in proportion with the size of the room. Larger rooms can handle larger models and vice versa.

Create an accent wall

Since wallpaper tends to be a style statement, it is natural to decorate an accent wall. Accent walls are designed to attract the eye, which should be where you use your larger models and the most daring shades. Do not hesitate to go here.

In this case, the placement of your wallpaper is your most important factor. Ideally, you want your accent wall to highlight the focal point of the room because it is bound to capture the attention of viewers. Most of the time, in a room, then choose the wall in the headboard However, as you see in the picture above, some exceptions can be made, especially if you go with a similar model mural.

Make a makeshift headboard

Face it, the furniture is expensive. If you are not quite ready to go out and invest in a quality headboards, wallpaper could be a cost effective solution for you. Rolls of pennies painted paper cost the dollar and this material can be used to fit a variety of aesthetic tastes.

In this case, the actual application is your main concern. First, you need to size correctly. You must measure the wallpaper so it is slightly larger than the width of your bed A good rule of thumb is to leave two to three inches on each side border. Then there’s the investment. Do your best to apply the wallpaper on a wall that is smooth and pockmarks. This will lower your chances of harmful air bubbles in the final product.

If you rent and do not want to have to deal with taking down wallpaper at the end of your lease, do not worry. This DIY project is still an option for you. You just want to use instead removable wallpaper.

Add Texture

Finally, the wallpaper can be used to add much needed texture to any room dose. Remember, in interior design, texture refers to the way something looks like it feels. The integration of a variety of textures in a room is one of the great interior design principles, because it makes it visually more interesting piece.

No matter what type of printer you use in your room, your screen will have a texture. This is due in part to the materials used in its construction. However, you can certainly amplify the feeling of texture by choosing a rough model like the one shown above.

For that, we recommend using a print inspired by natural materials. impressions to the natural look like wood and stone are very trendy at the moment and will serve you well to create a look that is both modern and nuanced.

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